Motto 2017

Do it yourself
   Do you find yourself doing things or buying things that can easily be done at the comfort of your own home? I do and i must say it can get very Pricey$$. Pretty much everything you do will cost you money but you shouldn’t have to break the bank for happiness. MONEY DOESN’T BUY HAPPINESS but we can all agree it can help us obtain it. From cooking to making my own christmas gifts i have saved myself a bunch of pennies and pennies add up. So here’s a little list i do at home or myself that has saved me not only but timeā€¦..
  1. Cooking – instead of ordering my favorite chinese food or wings i found recipes to make them myself so if you want to tip yourself go right ahead you earned it
  2. Workout at home– gym memberships who has time for that NOT me , instead of paying that 10 dollars a month or getting cute gym clothes so when you sweat at least you still look cute move ya couch aside and drop down and give me 50 or 10 whatever you choose. Being home is more comfortable without feeling like you’re being watched and GUESS WHAT you can wear whatever you want #score!!!
  3. Yoga – After eating i mean cooking this is my favorite but yet most expensive hobby, But with the power of the internet you can have a whole yoga class without the 100 degree room right in your place.
  4. Ditch the salon– yes it’s nice to pamper yourself but when going to the salon turns into another bill it’s no longer pampering yourself. Once again with the power of the internet ( you can learn how to do your fave hairstyle in no time
  5. Change an outfit – I’m very guilty of buying something new when a special occasion rolls around but depending on the event or activity paying for new clothes may come at the expense of not being able to splurge at the party or dinner. Take something old and turn it into something new, Wear that shirt with a diff pair of shoes or maybe add a jacket to ya fave dress GET IT ok great!
 These simple but yet effective ways to save a few pennies throughout the year. Hope they was helpful Comment and share some of your ideas!

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