I lost my mojo but I finally got it back

There was a time that I had all the motivation in the world to workout. Then I reached my goals and fell off track. Trying diet after diet challenge after challenge it was too late I lost my motivation. WHY? Well that’s easy I got lazy and too comfortable once I was where I wanted to be. Reaching your goal doesn’t mean stop completely, you make a new goal and keep working but I realized that once it was too late. Now my free time was filled with extra shifts and more naps with not one crunch in sight.

As the summer started approaching I told myself ok self it’s time to get summer ready. So what did I do I started Monday and then the next Monday then the Monday after that. Let’s just say those Mondays came and went fast and BOOM summer has arrived.

Summer is flying by and at this point I finally got my juice back, my drive, my motivation to nap a little less and squat much more I had to tell myself, I’m not doing this for anyone but myself cause when I look at pictures that’s not the girl I use to know. I don’t want to be the girl in your favorite magazine or the girl from that music video that keeps replaying. I want to be the girl I was last summer and the summer before the one that could button all of her favorite jeans. Yes Her she’s my favorite!!!!

I found my motivation in upcoming events to attend, weddings to be in, vacations to take and most importantly fitting back in clothes that once were my go to that I now have in the NO pile!!
I aspire everyone to look deep within and find the motivation that helps you get your mojo back. Everyone has that one reason maybe even more to one get  back up and become your best self!!

β€œMotivate the mind; and the body will follow” 

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