Montego “BAE” The Jamaican experience

view from hotel balcony
I just want to start by saying WOW!!! Jamaica truly is a beautiful place. When Bae and I decided that Montego Bay, Jamaica was the destination, I was so over joyed to check it off my Bucket list. We wasted no time booking flights and hotel, after tons of research the trip that was only a simple discussion was becoming a reality.
 This was the first trip we was taking together and with it being 5 months away (time flew) the anxiety was kicking in. I was worried what if I get on his nerves, what if he doesn’t enjoy the trip with me or vice versa. OH but to my surprise is was the greatest trip ever! The troubles of waiting
for a whole bunch of girls to get ready was non existent, just us moving at our own accord. Decision making flowed so nicely having to plan for just two people.Girls trips by far are great but in the past too many personalities on one trip can cause havoc. NOT ALWAYS 
  The most exciting part of any trip is the FOOOOOODDDD!!!! MY readers must know that food is my absolute favorite thing. I love to eat. Jamaican cuisine is at the top of my list of foods I enjoy. We stayed at the Sunscape Splash Resort and they had 6 different dining options including a huge buffet.  Must Try Foods 
1. Ackee and salt fish
2. Jerk chicken 
3. Patties with cocoa bread 
4. Oxtail Stew (my favorite)
We also was able to get a way from resort life and go into downtown to explore what Montego Bay really had to offer. Coconut juice straight from the coconut that was something the resort didn’t offer so I’m glad we got that chance.
  The list goes on and on  but I couldn’t leave without trying those four things, they are definitely part of the Jamaican experience.  The Rum is also very popular so don’t forget to grab a drink to go with your delicious meals.
Beyond the food the adventures in Jamaica are endless we didn’t choose to just relax the whole time we wanted to indulge in some of the activities they had to offer. Bae and I came up with a list, well actually I came up with a list to make the best of our days. . The resort also had some things to do from the casino, pool tables and movies on the beach. They also provide help on booking excursions through out the area.List of what we did

                                                                        Zip lining
                                                                      Dunn’s River
                                                                  Luminous Lagoon 
                                                                       Rum tasting 
                                                                        The Pier

The choices are unlimited but we had four days and I know it may seem like a lot (some activities were two in one day) but it was well worth it. Im very big on trying new things and with all the options they had my mind was so open to try as much as I could.
All in all I really do suggest Jamaica be on everyone’s must visit list. You wont leave disappointed trust me. I simply love everything to the fresh air to the scenery. Even its four days or a whole week being in Jamaica can really make your heart skip a few beats. Enjoy the sunshine and don’t forget to smile.

Dunn’s River Fall

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  1. My family is from Jamaica so it's so great to see someone enjoy it! Next time, you should venture off the tourist parts even more, there's such beautiful scenery along the coasts. Love Mo'Bay!

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