The Adult Life chose Me!

I remember when I was a little young thing and my parents would tell me don’t rush to grow up? Well as much as I hate to admit it they was on to something. Adulting isn’t what I imagined it to be. Like wait I have to pay bills and how do you shop for car insurance *scratches head*.
I’m 27 years old and I’m still trying to figure out how to adult properly. The adult life just kind of came out of no where in 2014 I moved out on my own and I was very overjoyed. The feeling was amazing my own place *cues the no pants dance*. Friends would come visit and we would sip the wine that I bought in my very own wine glasses. Yup that’s when I figured adulting was going to be great.
Now that I have this nice cool apartment I need electricity OH!! How much does that cost and who do I call was my first questions. Along with getting electricity I needed cable, so that was another journey in itself. Then to watch t.v I needed a couch and an actual T.V each day my list of real responsibilities grew longer. This was not what I signed up for this was suppose to be easy. After a few weeks I was all settled in and it felt great. I didn’t stress myself out, because I knew it all comes together. Its my place and things can be done when I’m ready. I realized I was the only person to keep happy!!
My favorite part is grocery shopping. I don’t like going to the market but the benefits are always worth it. The choices are endless and the only mouth I have to feed is mine. The first grocery trip I made it to the  register with my goodies and the total shocked me. In that very moment had to learn what the word budget meant. Living on my own meant that not all goodies was a necessity. I started to keep it simple and go with a list, yes I still buy treats I just don’t go over board. Living alone lots of things I have go to waste, one mouth can only eat so much.
“Saturday mornings are for cleaning”, Says only a mom. Cleaning for me comes when I have time, dishes however is an every day task. They just appear out of no where sometimes, right after the last dish is done three more appear. Cooking is a whole task and it just makes its own dishes all over again. So I’m here to say dishes is the chore that keeps on giving. Mom if you are reading this yes I go to bed with dishes still in the sink because I be tired.
However, its been 3 years and despite the change life has really been great. You quickly become accustomed to the new life. Its all about finding what works and balance. Just because you live alone doesn’t mean your life is just about bills. That unfortunately is what comes along with adulting.  Budget is the major key and will get you a very long way so you can live comfortably and enjoy everything adult life has to offer.

Sturmfrei(adj): The freedom of living alone.

                                                                                  The ability to do what you want. 

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