Weekend Blues

Its Thursday and I’m excited that there is one more work day left. Well ideally that would be the case but I work on the weekends. The point is a Friday is a Friday regardless if I work or not that doesn’t stop the party. 

Netflix and Chill 
My Fridays usually consist of Netflix, a great dinner and Bae (when hes not working). I love being home, its cozy and I don’t need pants makeup and I can wear my head scarf. My party days are sort of behind me. A few years ago my Thursday through Sunday consisted of drinks and a party with more drinks with very little planning. It took one phone call and all the girls was at one house getting ready and we was off. I must say times have definitely changed. 
We are at the age where friends have kids and work really early shifts (me included). So planning a night out doesn’t take just one phone call It takes a few texts, a glance at your calendar, and the debate you have with yourself about if you actually want to leave the house. Leaving the house is always my biggest debate just the thought is making me cringe. I never thought I would consider myself a homebody. 
However, not every weekend do I choose to stay home and stuff my face. Once in a while My friends and I will have girls nights, it could be me and just one girl friend or a bunch of us acting a fool. The weekend for most is a chance to let loose and release the stress of the work week. The planning process might not always be so easy. It goes from no responses in a group chat to everyone schedules not matching. When in doubt we make it work! I do have a few suggestions that can help decide what to do to enjoy the weekend.

Weekend Suggestions
Dinner and a movie
Shopping trip
 try a new bar 

a friends house with drinks 

Just dinner 


beach with wine

comedy show
Going out is all good and fun, I truly must say a simple girls night in is my favorite. Pretty drinks and all my friends pretty faces calls for a great time. We laugh, we dance and we can nap . A night in means come as you are too Yay!! I don’t have to dress up and most importantly wear heels. No matter what we choose though we all always make the best of everything. As long as we together the laughs will get us through the night. I love all my friends and sometime life keeps us from each other, So the moments we do get we live it up to the fullest.

Knock Knock
Who’s there?

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