Life: Enjoying The Unexpected

I’m sure we can all agree that Life never goes as planned. We all imagine the life we’re going to have at a very young age and then we get older and its no so what we imagined. 

There was a time in my life that I swore up and down I would be married at twenty five and have kids. HA!!! Not quite how things turned out. By the time I was Twenty five I went through many heartbreaks and not one was marriage material. I would think to my self what am I doing wrong. I then I realized that there is nothing wrong with not being married with children.
I’m happy things don’t always work out the way I plan. Some times the things we want are not exactly right for us. I’m a true believer in whats for me will come my way. Living with too many expectations you set yourself up for disappointment. 
Imagine if I did get the life I imagined. Would I truly have been happy? I experienced so much in my 27 years of life that I can’t see life any other way. Things aren’t perfect but its working its self out.

Living life with the unexpected gives you something to look forward to. Who wants to always know exactly whats going to happen. That’s not always exciting. I learn to just go with the flow of things and enjoy things as they come. 

Life has been filled with ups and downs and some disappointments, but yet I can’t complain about one thing.

So I’m continuing to enjoy life as it comes. If plans don’t work out then I just go with the flow of the vibes.
 Take the good with the bad and always continue to smile.

“Sometimes the best moments are the ones you didn’t plan at all”

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  1. Such a good mentality to have! I thought by 25 I would be totally accomplished with a house, husband and children, and at 22 I can now see that it definitely isn't going to happen by then lol but i'm ok with that xx

  2. I completely agree! You have to take the good with the bad and make the best of it all. I learned that a while back and have been trying to stay positive every day that I wake up. It has been hard, but not impossible.

  3. I definitely agree life doesn't happen as planned but sometimes it's for the best. My life definitely didn't go as planned but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being surprised and living in the moment.

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