Finding my Niche.

So I been blogging for a few months now and I still find myself a bit stuck. The questions I keep asking myself is “What kind of blog do I have?”  and “What is my niche”? Before I started blogging I would research all types type of blogs so I could put myself in the proper category. I quickly realize I have so many things I can and want to talk about.
During my research I came up with Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion blogger are many of the popular kinds I came across. Then you also have Mommy, cooking, video, and fitness. I scratched my head and wonder where I would fit.


I have even come across bloggers that wrote how important having a niche is. So here I am stressing myself thinking no ones going to like my blog if I don’t identify myself.
So I narrowed it down to Lifestyle. I do talk about my life experiences, so why not it makes sense right. Taking a look at what lifestyle blogs are, they seem like more of how to blogs and give you a bunch of lists on living. Now I can do that, you know research some things and put it pretty in words but that’s not really my thing. I want my blog to be more personable and more me. I feel you can still learn something when you leave my stories.
The atmosphere I’m trying to create on my blog is friendly, welcoming and positive. I aspire to inspire in my own silly way. Oh and no sugarcoating. In order for people to relate I must keep it real. The good The bad and the ugly


So yes I talk about my life but I’m so scattered brain that I may dabble and write about Beauty, which would circle mostly around hair topics. The only makeup tips I can give is I tried Fenty bomb gloss and it was bomb for real!!!! Yup that’s pretty much all I got in that category. When I started brainstorming on my journey of blogging, hair topics was definitely on my list. Though I have a lot to say on the topic I didn’t want my whole blog to be dedicated to that one topic. So now am I Lifestyle and beauty *puts on my thinking face*
Lets just say I didn’t really want to limit myself. Can I be a blog of many things. My life experiences consist of so many things that dabble into so many categories. One day I might wear a really dope outfit and want it blog about it, so boom that’s a fashion post. Then on the other end of blogging I may write about my health journey, that sounds like a fitness post to me. See what I mean I cant just narrow it down to one thing.
Right now we can say I’m the blog of everything and anything. There is No limits to what I can write. I guess that what will make me different!
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”

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