Fall in love with Loving yourself

 Love is in the air every where you look around. Like seriously it is everywhere, every time I blink I’m watching a wedding through my snap or someone just got engaged on Instagram.
Love is a beautiful thing. If you in a relationship or not LOVE is still the greatest feeling of all. Especially when the love is coming from within YOU!
As the weather turns chilly we may spend more time indoors ( I know I do) and less time in big crowds. I find that upcoming seasons are great times to spend time loving and taking care of  yourself. The summer months keep you busy so you may slack on giving your self some TLC. No fear I can share some the things I do to show my self some LOVE 💓
First things first I must tend to my skin. As chilly weather comes sliding through right behind it is my dry skin. I have to switch out my lotions like I switch my summer clothes out. I make myself face scrubs and stick to my all natural raw Shea butter. Always leave my skin feeling like butter!
Learning to enjoy your own company is key to Loving you. So wine not grab a glass and pour it up. I tend to lean towards some moscato, I just love the taste and it sets a relaxing mood. Lets just say you can never go wrong with it. Along with a great glass wine goes some music. I don’t know about  y’all but I love dancing and I must say I am my best dance partner!!! So sip sip and bust a move or two or even three.
Nothing says Love more then your favorite meal or treat. I tend to cook every day but some days I may need a pick me up. That’s where my favorite cookies come into play. The pre cut sugar cookies ready to bake. Those cookies literally warm my soul, especially fresh out the oven. Always show yourself love by treating yourself. Now treats don’t always mean food ( but to me its good enough LOL), but I’m sure you can tell whats coming next SHOPPING!!!
Ladies we can all agree that the number one way we show ourselves love is buying something new. Retail therapy is major key (Dj kahld Voice). Listen I don’t care if I just buy myself a pack of socks. That pack of socks will make me damn happy.
I know self love isn’t just material things or drinking someone wine but some times its the simple pleasures that can make all the difference. The main thing is to put yourself first at all times. The fall and winter months are the perfect month to just enjoy YOU!
“Fall in Love with taking care of yourself”

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