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 Wow it feels so good to be back! If you follow me on Instagram then you know my computer has been out of commission. It was a quick fix that cost me a lot, which was why it took me so long. Adulting was getting in the way, we all know how that goes.

So let me update y’all on what you guys can look forward too. I finally decided what I wanted to focus on, it will still be a little of everything. However for the sake of the blog life it will be lifestyle, Hair and a little bit of fashion focus. Now speaking of fashion I will be starting a series called Lazy Girl Fashion.
      * Lazy Girl Fashion *
 Where you take the simplest pieces new or old and make it look expensive I’m kidding but you get the picture hahahaa. Its just basically showcasing that you don’t need high end and designer clothes to be fashion forward. I always been a huge believer in Simplicity is key and the simplest of outfits can go a long way. So stay tuned for that
Along with that series I will like to switch my blog over to Squarespace. Blogger has definitely been good to me but I think its time me and my blog grow up in the New Year. I know people recommend WordPress but I honestly tried it before blogger and oh boy no thanks so ill try second recommended. Please bare with me as I make this transition.
Lets talk Instagram. I really never thought Instagram would stress me out so much. The new algorithm ( is that the word) is really annoying and unfair. I know they say don’t worry about the numbers but um hello we kind of have to. That’s how you get ahead. To gain more you post more but I always been nervous about posting too much but in 2018 if I want to get ahead I must go with the insta flow right. Can we also speak Instagram theme (bangs head on Table) I’m playing around with some and hopefully soon I will find one I can stick to. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated please and thank you!
You cant speak insta without speaking about photos. I definitely stepped my picture taking game up. Thats one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Down to lighting angles and background so much technique goes into a great insta picture. I think I’m doing pretty good as of lately but there is always room for improvement.
You can also look forward to me starting a Youtube channel. Now this is something I’m super nervous about it but I have a great support system motivating me to go for it.
So that is pretty much it with what I have coming up. During my time away from blogging I had been keeping track of all my ideas. That was definitely a plus side to having my computer down. Plenty of time to brainstorm. I don’t know about you guys but I’m trying to have a Cardi B 2018!

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