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Its the winter season and by now everyone should be rocking some type of protective style. Winter weather is very harsh on us naturals, so tuck tuck away.

Freetress water wave crochet

I know not every natural is into the protective styling thing, but for those of us that are we have so many choices. We could do anything from wigs, twist, braids and my current style crochet braids. There are so many choices to choose from your are never limited to just one look.

Since this is about crochet braids let me tell you all the great things about this protective style. Its so freaking easy to maintain, its literally wake , shake and go. I don’t know about y’all but that shaves about 30 minutes off my morning routine. Thirty minutes off from doing my hair means extra minutes spent in bed. Who can say no to that? So basically if you not a morning person this is a style you may consider doing.

Now with all protective styling you must make sure to still take care of your hair. Crochet braids allow easy access to your scalp. Like EXTREMELY easy no excuse not to stay moisturize. All you need is a water bottle and some oils. Spray away, separate the hair and just spray that scalp. Its so refreshing.

How many of us hate sitting for hours getting our hair done? I do. This style takes literally two hours or less. I know it may still sound long but trust me compared to box braids for example 2 hours is nothing. So with crochet braiding you not only cut down on time, you also save tons of money. Ladies I love my weaves but can we be honest that Ish cost money. When I cant really afford some bundles crochet is always my go to. Great protective styling for the low low literally. So if you all about saving them coins and still looking good Crochet braids is where its at.

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Pretty much crochet braids is a really good investment. You get a great hairstyle for less money then most styles and with good maintenance longevity. The upkeep is also easy, bonnet it up and in the morning shake it out. If bonnets arent your thing then a cute scarf and you can do the pineapple method and sleep pretty.

I hope this was helpful if you cant decide on what style to do next. Tell me what your favorite method of protective styling is? I look forward to hearing from you!!

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