One is the STRONGEST number

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A little Monday motivation

So I’m sure you guys are like wait what how? I know everyone knows the saying “One is the loneliest number”, well yeah it could be if that’s your mindset. One is actually the strongest number ever.

Many us of feel we need the approval of everyone around us. We want our family, friends, and even people we don’t even really know to accept our goals and dreams. We are our biggest cheerleader, why do we need all that approval. At the end of any accomplish its just you.

There’s also another saying “The strongest stand alone” because you are enough to make any dream come true.

Now I’m not saying shut everyone out and live in a bubble. What I’m saying is that One persons opinion shouldn’t trump your decisions. Share your dreams with those around but understand not everyone sees your dreams like you do.

So for everyone trying to smash these 2018 goals know the number ONE is the strongest because….

  • All you need is One idea to set these goals in motion
  • That One person by your side
  • The One reason why you started
  • and Lastly all you need is One YOU!!!

Always remember even though its great to have a huge cheering section, its not necessary. Never forget stay true to you and what you believe. Keep a smile on your face and work work your A$$ off and every one that doubted will wish they stayed in your corner!

“You are always one decision away from a different Life”

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  1. Having this mindset is goals! Many times we think we Need more, but “You are enough” stop waiting on the perfect person,perfect moment, perfect idea and Just know YOU are the only thing YOU need to make it happen!

    Great Post!

  2. This was a great post, i really needed this, i have been feeling really discouraged about this new year. But you are right the mind is powerful.
    And the most important opinion is the opinion we have about ourselves.


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