Endless battle | Blog vs. Sleep

The blog vs sleep battle is never ending.

I see very often bloggers saying they lose sleep trying to get a post finished. Here I am thinking sleep is essential to having your brain function properly. I personal can’t see myself staying up at all hours of the night knowing I have work the next day. I love my blog but I need to be 100% and I need to sleep.

If I choose to sleep does that make me less passionate?

Of course not! Passion to me is when you do to something you love,  without letting it consume you to the point of burnout. Now I know that’s not the case with everyone but if I’m losing sleep then I’m losing focus.

Life Happens 

I know days get busy and weeks seem to get shorter, but I’m a true advocate for setting some time aside! Most bloggers along with myself have full time jobs. So now that’s a big chunk of the day and the most tiring. With dedication I gain the strength to block out an hour or two for post writing. In the beginning of my journey I felt like a failure for not finishing a post the same day I started. Oh but I quickly realized that’s how you stress yourself out and I don’t work well when I’m stressed.

I choose sleep

The feeling of be tired is honestly a feeling that doesn’t go away. There’s levels to that ish. If I’m overly tired and its 2 am sorry not sorry I’m going to bed. I understand blog schedules and all that but faithful readers can understand. The new readers will still see your new stuff when its finished.

Don’t over do it 

Not to get all extra deep but we all know how dangerous exhaustion can be. Don’t let your passion harm you. That’s with anything, not just writing a blog. We all want to be great and we will trust me. Hard work and your will to succeed will get you there. It’s perfectly fine to take breaks (just not extra long ones) , miss a day and still make it to the top. Don’t end up resenting your passion because you burnt yourself out! We all want greatness but there is no deadline to WIN.

You will succeed 

Consistency will always be Key. Keep at and keep pushing your doing great.

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