My Gym is Free

Hey guys let me tell you all about how my gym is free 99.

A few years ago I realized a gym membership just wasn’t for me. I could never find the motivation to get up, drive there, put my stuff away, and look around to see what machine was available.

I would show up to planet fitness and feel like a lost puppy. Seeing all the machines were just to overwhelming, I could never choose where I wanted to be. I just wanted to do some crunches and cardio without feeling like I was making a life or death decision. I’m so dramatic I know but you understand. Any who the the anxiety I would feel with some stranger standing there waiting for me to finish sucked. I always hated the feeling of being rushed so I would just stop counting and move on to the the next.

I was basically a sponsor for the gym, they was taking my money and I wasn’t showing up. That had to come to an end and fast. When I terminated my contract I decided to find other ways to get fit.

So what did I do, I found a free gym by using my resources. By resources I mean the open world and my house. I quickly realized the results I wanted I could get almost anywhere.

You can literally work out any where.  My house being my favorite of all time. Listen I work out with no pants on (tmi I know but no sugar coat here) and life legit doesn’t get any better then that. I can go at my own pace and no one is hawking over me for my floor space. PEACEFUL!

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Now I’m not a hermit that just loves being home half naked its just comfortable. When the warm weather comes around the outdoors tops working out at home. I have more space to choose from and move around in. The fresh air is a nice bonus. The sun just reminds my why I’m working out in the first place sundress and bathing suit season. No gut Just butt!!!!

The possibilities of places to workout go beyond the gym. I’m not saying the gym is a bad place to be its just not the place for me. Find where you are comfortable and Get moving. Summer 2018 is coming and we got to get right.

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