Mind over Matter | Vegan Challenge Pt 2

Hey guys, Its been 9 days since I started my Vegan challenge and Its been very interesting. (Check out first post here)

When I first started all I could think about is wow I’m not going to eat chicken,cheese and eggs for the next 21 days. Like chicken who gives up chicken? Sunday the 21 was my first day and I was starving. All I could think about is without meat I’m basically going to starve to death . That was just me being my dramatic. In reality I had plenty to eat, it just wasn’t any of my first choices. I literally had mad options I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time. I must say it was a pretty amazing experience.

The past 9 days have taught me it’s honestly all in your head. I would find my self still hungry after eating a whole meal. Why? Because in my mind it’s not a meal if it doesn’t have any meat in it. That clearly is not true but we are all trained to believe that.

Once I got over thinking meat ruled the world I was in a better space mentally. Do I miss yet HELL YEAH! I also know that it’s not the end of the world. I would kill to have some cheesy eggs though.

This challenge has giving me the opportunity to try new things and also get a little creative with dinner! Who know cauliflower could be made so many different ways! So amazing and low key mad exciting.

I’m definitely more open minded to the idea that meat is not a necessity. With the help of my friend Sam at preppingmybestlife I have enjoyed many vegan meals. I’m so not complaining. Anymore!

Honestly the hardest times of the challenge is when I still have to cook breakfast and dinner. Bae did his 4 days now its back to making more complete meals. The temptation is real but the will to fight temptation is more real.

I will not fall victim to missing meat I’m to determined to finish this challenge strong.┬áSo stay tuned to see if I succumbs to the chicken wing or If I stay strong. #veganchallenge




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