The Makeup Bag of a Beginner


Back in the day a makeup bag wasn’t even on my brain. All I needed was my lip gloss that was 1 dollar from the corner store. Everyone in my age group can agree that lip gloss was the sh*t. I went from dollar lip gloss to fenty AYYEE!

Since those days the makeup game has upgraded from my corner store one lip gloss to shopping around at Ulta and Sephora.

Besides shopping around for some new goodies I have to get hip to all the new lingo. We got things like contour, baking (and not cupcakes) and crease cutting (I don’t even know if that’s exactly the term). All things I have yet to get down. Just watch I’ll be a pro soon!

I can remember the first time I ever got my face beat for the gods lol I was so amazed. All I could thing is wow, I want to look like this everyday. One can only dream right because it took like and hour and a half and I know me I like quick quick.However if a chance comes to get all glam’d up I wanted in.


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So getting my face beat for the first time was the moment I knew I needed to invest in my very own makeup. People feel some girls where make to hide flaws or because they have low esteem WRONG. We do it because we want to it adds to the beauty we already possess. Besides You can do so much with it and get creative to show different sides of your personality. So screw the haters!!! Cardi B voice

I’m still at the beginning stages but I must say I’m very eager to learn and my makeup bag is coming along.


That’s like the core of every makeup looks hence why they call it foundation I’m assuming lol


That’s the secret keeper. It’s covers all the dark spots and what not so that was a must have.

Lip stick/gloss

Y’all already know how much I love my lip gloss but a pop of color once in a while never hurt. I have so many colors but yet only use like two


This is my new fave. I just discovered the joys of highlight and wow baby I love it. You already know I had to get that fenty highlight it’s literally like magic


Now I just have a bunch of brushes that I have no idea what they are for. But they look so pretty set up on my dresser haha!!


Let’s not forget some eyelashes because what’s a look without them right! And guess what this girl can finally put then on herself!!

I feel I pretty much got the basics down and more to invest it. Tell me whats your favorite Brand or beauty product?

“I believe all women are pretty without makeup – But with the right makeup can be pretty powerful”

-Bobbi Brown

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  1. Girl!! I remember those lip glosses!!! You just brought back so many memories, and yes the make up industry has upgraded so much since then lol. I enjoyed this post!

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