When life hands you lemons get “Lemonade braids”

Happy Monday I’m back at it with another hair post. This one is dedicated to my most recent protective style Lemonade braids. Before anyone comes at me I know that’s not what they are called but that’s what I’m referring to them as. Thank you in advance!

When My cousin Beyoncé (yes we are related in my head) slayed these braids in her video I was like yass I need to try that style one day. Of course, with the help from Beyonce the style became pretty popular(in this generation). We all know how trends go everyone jumps at once. So I decided now was the perfect time to try this dope style out since the hype faded just a tad.


Getting braids is one of the most popular and convenient ways to protect you hair. This style is literally little to no maintenance. There are so many ways to get your hair styled in braids the options are endless. However I’m here to talk about these popping lemonade braids.


The look is so simple and it can literally be dressed up or dressed down.


We all know some braided styles can be heavy. For example single or box braids can get a bit on the heavy side. Besides them maybe being tight at first they are really light weight.


It is very easy to sleep too. Just wrap your scarf around the braids so they stay flat and boom go to sleep.  They are not bulky and it doesn’t have you sleeping all twisted just to be comfy. I hate when I have styles that are difficult to sleep with.

Take Down

 At this moment my braids are still popping and I haven’t taken them down yet, but I know the take down will be a breeze. Cut the braids a little after your real hair ends and undo the braids EASY BREEZY!


Simple. Keep scalp oiled and tie it up at night so you can get the best wear for longer. No one likes a fuzzy do and you would want them to last as long as possible.


This hairstyle is so mush fun, I even added a pop of color. Get creative with it too some girls even add beads. Lemonade for the win. It could be frozen lemonade, fresh squeezed lemonade or even some lemonade braids. So if you stuck on what style to get next I say go for it. Also tell me below whats your favorite Braided Hairstyle.



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