Valentines Day is not Just for couples

When Valentine’s Day comes around people realize how single they are or scurry around like crazy trying to out romance the next couple. It’s just another “let’s show our love” day. You can pretty much spend Valentine’s Day any way you chose. Valentines Day is not just for couples!

Quick side note: Yes I know Valentine’s Day is just another made up holiday “rolls eyes” but so are other days that people get excited for. So don’t take away from the people that enjoy and want to partake in Valentine’s Day. We show our love ones Love all the time but it’s just an extra special day.

Single ladies this is not the day to be all depressed and mopey. Make plans with your friends and Get pretty.Yes on this day couples will be almost every where BUT so what. Being single isnt a disease its your moment to shine bright until its your turn. So heres a few things you and your pretty friends can do….

Go to dinner 

Very cliche I know but oh well! Some restaurants have special rates or a special menu. Why not take advantage of that especially at place you might not go on a regular day.


Yes another cliche but while most couples are at dinner or whatever the theater wont be all crazy busy. So no one can tell you and the girls to stop giggling so much. So put your feet up and laugh as loud as you want. And indulge in all the snacks you want.

Couples massages

I know you probably like what. Just listen you can save money buy paying for it together so get one of your girls and go half. Who says no to getting massages. Only thing is book fast because the real couples are out here taking over LOL Ps: go on groupon they always got the great deals

Girls night

Just do it up. Wine Food and some music. No matter the day or holiday a girls night can never steer you wrong. What better way to celebrate love then with your friends.

Valentines Day is a day for everyone. Single or in love celebrate and enjoy. Tell me whats your plans are for Valentines Day?

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  1. Loved this post and will be sharing. It does seem like singles have it rough on Valentine’s day. Love the ideas of just going out. My parents had this thing we did as a tradition to sit in Wal-Mart parking lot or any store parking lot and see who gets the gifts at the last minute. Depending on the amount of gifts we could tell who was in trouble and how big.

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