Life after The Vegan Challenge | Part Three



Am I still vegan? I been asked this since it’s been over and no I am not. Its been an exactly a week and I’m back to my regular way of living. However somethings I learned from the vegan challenge I now incorporate into my current lifestyle!

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This by far was the hardest challenges I have ever done. However its the only one I fully committed to and finished, which is actually pretty funny. Would I do it again? Hmmm maybe. Some things I actually enjoyed liked the vegan butter ( and no I didn’t just eat butter) and vegan mac and cheese. That by far was some amazing mac and cheese and I found it stop and shop.

Lets get right into what I realized during the Vegan Challenge.

I didn’t miss meat 

So it turns out I can live without meat but I refuse to give up eggs, cheese and seafood. When it came to dinners I was extremely satisfied with my rice/quinoa and veggies. I was able to get very creative with how I prepared everything and it always came out better then expected. So yes I can do without chicken but no I will not give up shrimp.

Fresh face

My face became so much more clear. I’m guessing maybe its because I was eating more veggies and fruit. So that means my water intake was greater and we all know Water is major key to a clear face. Also there wasn’t any fried/ greasy food in my diet. My skin is very prone to breakouts depending on what I eat. The cleaner the food the clearer the face.

I became a snacker

Prior to being vegan I wasn’t much of a snacker. I mean I like snacks but I prefer whole meals. Greedy I know LOL. Many of the meals I enjoyed didn’t leave me with that overly full feeling. Which is a good thing but it wasn’t enough. So literally every few hours I was snacking on something Vegan of course. On the plus side it was great for my metabolism which leads me to my next point

I lost some inches

I didn’t exactly measure or weigh myself before the challenge. My plan wasn’t to lose weight because I was doing the challenge to learn discipline and prove to myself I could do it. Towards the end of being vegan people noticed I was slimming out. So then I started to pay more attention to changes in how things was fitting. I was very happy even though it wasn’t my goal it was a great a bonus.

Vegan food isn’t horrible but…

I experimented with many vegan items. As I was doing research on vegan recipes Jack fruit popped up a few times. I have never heard of jack fruit until this challenge. Jack fruit apparently is a very versatile fruit. It appears to look like pulled pork once its cooked but for the texture it was a Big no for me. The taste wasn’t bad but I couldn’t get over the way it felt in my mouth. That goes for many vegan things, it always came down to the texture.

Dining out 

I don’t know how vegans do it. The options to eat out are so limited. I honestly didn’t realize it was going to be so difficult find places to eat Boy was I wrong. Almost everything in the world is made with egg and has cheese in it or on top of it. My two favorite options were Chipotle and Chinese food( veggie fried rice with no egg). Not saying you can’t eat out but the options are very limited and its actually pretty sad. Now I see why vegans get so creative with meals it’s their only chance for survival lol.

Peoples doubt was motivation 

Everyone around me knows how much I like to eat. So you can imagine their surprise when I said I’m going Vegan. Some try to tempt me when some of my favorites but I stay strong. Other people wasn’t necessarily doubting me but they would talk so much about how crazy it is to be vegan that I was like am I crazy for doing this? Well since I wasn’t doing this for anyone but myself I pushed through.

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This challenge had its ups and downs but I must say I’m very happy that I completed it. It open me up to another lifestyle and I learned  many new things. I’m always down to try new challenges so if you know of any I may like comment them below.

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  1. Oh my, you hit on so many of the main points for me and I’m planning on STAYING Vegan (haha…”plant-based, technically, but I won’t split hairs)

    The snacking…oh, the snacking. I’m only about 2 months into this and yes, the snacking is for real!

    I’m like you, I don’t miss the meat at all but it’s definitely the dairy that I was addicted to. It’s a real addiction, my friend.

    For a DELICIOUS mac n cheese recipe, I suggest you try the one from Julie Piatt’s cookbook: This Cheese Is Nuts. She includes sauteed greens on top with some shallots….oh my. It’s heavenly!

  2. thats so dope I dont know if i could go longer then the 21 days but I noticed i cook dinner some days and they be straight vegan meals Forever will i eat cheese lol

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