Skin Care is a necessity | My favorite Facial Routine

When I was younger I was the most laziest person ever when it came to my skin care routine. As I started to got older I notice the changes taking place from lack of efficient care. So I quickly realized that it was time my routine changed too. Learning about doing my own facial has been so beneficial.

The skin is the largest organ we have and so why not treat it with the upmost care. Our skin protects us from the harshness of the world and without it we would not survive very much. If treated right our skin shines bright and lets our true beauty shine. So lets stop taking advantage of our skin and treat it right.

OK enough about the importance of skin lets get into this facial that I added into my routine it is the simplest yet most effective discovery ever. One of my friends actually put me on to the main component which is Bentonite Clay and ever since she has I been obsessed.


Quick story: I was having the worst breakouts that I ever had so I was so stressed. I tried everything like literally everything. I was buying already made facial products and all they did was dry my skin out or even burn. So basically my friend came to my rescue used the Bentonite clay on my face a boom my melanin was glowing. 

The many benefits of the Bentonite clay are:

  • Helps draw toxins from the skin 
  • Its great for exfoliating 
  • It gives your skin the perfect glow
  • Makes your skin nice a smooth 
  • Helps gives your complexion an even look 


With all these added benefits can you see why this stuff is so essential to my skin routine. Twice a week is all you need to keep your skin at its best. Now I’m never that consistent but I definitely get it on and popping when I can. To get started I just simply mix the clay and the apple cider vinegar. I never measure so just make it a nice consistency so you are able to rub it on your face. Let it dry and then wash with warm water. Then grab your coconut oil and massage it onto your skin and watch the glow.

Lets share routines yours may help out someone else Sharing is Caring!

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  1. First of all your are gorgeous. I am pretty lazy when it comes to skincare and only get breakouts before Aunt Flow arrives. I love ACV and use it for other reasons so adding that to skin care will be easy.

  2. Yessss for the skincare. This year I decided to pay more attention to my skin because it’s so important. Also I love Apple cider vinegar!

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