The beauty hack that gave me back my joy

I know when you hear the term beauty hack you automatically think makeup. That is not the case this time, I’m referring to my ear lobes! Sounds weird right because who talks about their ear lobes. I guess I do.

Being a girl in middle school was all about nails and boys but for me earrings were my thing. I love all types of earrings from cute studs to some dope hoops. In the middle school I was all for the bamboo hoops I bought a new pair almost every weekend so they was always fresh. They would start to turn and make me itch so I had to keep a new pair on deck. So yes I loved my earrings but my earrings didn’t love me back.

2010 name earrings and chains

I have an allergy to nickle plating which is in most custom jewelry. These cute little earrings give the illusion like they are gold but in reality its just a gold finish. I was so stubborn that instead of not wearing the jewelry I just dealt with the rash. Yeah gross I know.

As time I went on I think my body just got use to my stubbornness. I would get more wear out of the “fake” jewelry before a rash would come and sometimes I didn’t even get one. How ever the one thing that always remained was the itchiness I would get in my ear lobe. It would be such a weird feeling like trying to itch the bottom of your foot so uncomfortable.

Fast forward to summer 2016 when I noticed my hole for my earring was getting longer. I’m so hard headed that instead of looking into a solution, I would just wear light weight earrings or stick to studs. It wasn’t until fall 2017 that one day I was looking into the mirror and noticed my earring fell out. I knew this day was coming with the nickel irritating my lobes and me vigorously rubbing away knowing the area was getting weaker. However I was still surprise not only was my earring gone but MY EAR LOBE SPLIT.

Yes I know very tragic!!!!

The joy of wearing earrings went right out the window. There was no way I was going to walk around with one earring. LOL I found a quick fix though CLIP ON earrings. They was doing me justice until I realize they would hurt mid day. I only wore one (My other lobe is fine and it matched my stud) and I would have to take it out and give my lobe a rest.

Other options could be cosmetic surgery but listen a girl is broke so my 6 dollar earrings was going to have to do. Oh but wait my neighbor put me on to this Beauty hack that changed the game.

Lobe Wonder has to be the greatest hack of all time. Its an ear lobe patch to help support earrings in torn or loose holes. Shout out to amazon prime I ordered some lobe wonders and they was here in two days. I bought some new hoops and boom I was back in action.

If anyone struggles with this I’m telling you it works. Its a little clear patch that sticks to your ear and you pierce with the earring. It supports the weight of any earring and they are undetectable. So people won’t even know that you have them on. SCORE!!!

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  1. Woww. Thank you for sharing your story and being transparent. This is probably a common story but rarely told. It makes me want to become more aware more. My earlobes are super dry in the wintertime, so this makes me want to pay attention more.

    1. Yes because I didn’t and boom it split luckily there’s a solution to everything and this one helped me! Thank you for reading

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