Stop comparing and Start Living! 3 ways to stay focused

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We all get to that point when we look at other people’s lives and be like oh I want that too or why doesn’t mines look like that? We see relationship pictures and that’s our “goals”? We see our favorite blogger and believe she has it all figured out? Why is that? Why we comparing ourselves to just a picture?

When I started this journey as a blogger, I was like I can do this no problem. I researched so much stuff and was like OK perfect if I do this and that I will be sure to have a 1000 followers in a week. Yea right life doesn’t just work out like that.

Everyone looks at the next persons success and forget that they also started where you are. Some people do find “fame” overnight but they still had to put some work to get to where they are. Looking at Social media Influencers and Bloggers all you can think about is being at the point they are. Well no matter how hard you try to mimic there motions there success will not be yours. Everyone’s journey is different.

 Here 3 ways to stay focus on your journey

Stay consistent

My biggest issue. As cliche as it may sound Consistency is major key. I definitely notice when I start to slack I’m not getting the results I hope for. That blogger I may swoon over, they worked hard and I will bet money on that they stayed consistent. So do what it takes because things will not be handed to you on a silver platter. If it means giving up on a night out or missing your favorite tv show to work towards those dreams then so be it.

Remember why you started

The road is bumpy, the directions always changes and all the signs may not always be there but The reason why you started will always remain the same. My motivation to continue is my Why. As a blogger you may get discouraged if the number of likes arent great or your page views are low. However we all start some where and remembering why we started is the best motivation a person can have.

Stay positive

I truly believe positive thoughts bring positive results. If only one person reads my blog post that’s something to be happy about. Do I wish for thousands of people to read it, of course. I know if I keep a positive mind and keep working that one day that will happen. And besides being negative takes up too much energy.

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Focus on your goals and the rest will follow. We all want the success but wanting someone else’s success is not the way to go. So stop comparing and Start Living!

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  1. These are three I definitely stay true to. It’s hard to not compare but you have to have tunnel vision when it comes to success and seeing your success and not others.

  2. Great article! In the beginning I found myself doing that. And then I realized
    everyone has their own journey to take. Just don’t stop!

  3. Great tips. It’s hard to focus on your goals if you’re constantly worried about what others are doing.

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