I Survived Cancun, Mexico: Barely

This post is long over due considering I been back for weeks. I was struggling with getting back in the groove of things with writing and just mentally staying focus. I also fell into the compare mind set and lost my motivation for a while but HELLO I’m back full swing. Also I was still on vacation mode wasn’t ready to leave Mexico.

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Ok so let’s get right in to it. Mexico I must say it was amazing. I remember being in middle school watching MTV saying I will go to Cancun one day. Even thought I wasn’t there for spring break like on MTV, I was celebrating my good friend Stacy who is getting married. My first international Bachelorette party and it was too lit.

This trip had so many great moments I could probably go on for days but I’m going to share my most memorable parts of this trip that I survived.

Girls trip

I went to Mexico with 14 girls with 14 different personalities!! Everyone and their mama can tell you the fears of an all girls trip. I’m surprised we made it to all the excursions on time because 14 girls definitely can’t be on time. However everything else pretty much went smoothly.


Black people do burn apparently 

Being a girl with plenty of melanin you can just imagine my surprise when I realized I had sunburn. I was in denial at first, right until the peeling started! My first thought was black girls don’t burn but according to the Mexico sun that clearly is a myth. I tried to be a step ahead of the sun and actually use sunblock. I guess sunblock only works in the area it’s placed lol and I missed my whole face “rolls eyes”. Luckily it wasn’t until the end of the trip that my forehead started to look all gross and patchy. Sugar scrubs were my best friend!

I can’t swim

I tried snorkeling!!!! I really laugh at this memory, because my struggle was to real. I had all the confidence in the world thinking I was a great swimmer. I jumped in the water with all the snorkel gear on and had a full panic attack. Breathing from my mouth and trying to swim, while out of breath is not a combination that really works for me. I saw about two fish and coral before I took my a$$ back to the boat. I barely made it back, however I’m crossing snorkeling off the Bucket list.

Homeless in Charlotte

Thanks to American Airlines and their impeccable service we got stuck in Charlotte. They left us with no reason to why we was unable to catch the next flight. They struggled to find us a place to stay and that’s when the 14 personalities shined through. It’s really impossible in times of stress for 14 girls to agree on a solution. But we survived it!!! We all ended up getting different hotels which worked for some and not for all. However, there’s always a way to make good out of a sucky situation and that’s food! Midnight diner in Charlotte had amazing food to turn a bad night into a great one.

Despite nearly dying (yes I’m that dramatic) this trip was the definition of amazing. I would do it all over again if the opportunity presented it self. Cancun,Mexico is definitely one for the books. Stay tune for a part two of the fun things to do in Mexico.

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  1. Babe, us melanin queens do burn. Sorry you had to experience it in Mexico. But it sure looks like you ladies had a fantastic time. Girls trip are the best.

  2. I love the idea of a girls trip! I wish I had a group of close girlfriends to do life with. Glad you enjoyed, and even more glad you got your motivation to create content. Bless Up

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip and crossed of a bucket list item! I need you to teach me how to get a group of friends to travel together!! I’m #teamsolotravel because nobody can ever go anywhere with me.

  4. Sunburn is REAL. I remember my first time looking at my face like WTF is going on here. It actually didn’t occur to me until much later like I burned my damn face lol. My dermatologist was like AT MINIMUM spf 30 moisturizers

  5. Yes to midnight diner in Charlotte. When I lived there I loved it. Good to know it’s still a fave. That sucks about being stranded.

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