Relationship goals: Make your own rules


First let me just say relationships are so not what they use to be. It seems to me that it was much easier for relationships to flourish before all the social media nonsense. I love me some social media but it has spoiled some views of what a “perfect” relationship should look like.

We all know the perfect relationship probably doesn’t exist. However a perfect relationship meant for you does.

Every day we see these idea of what the ideal relationship looks like and we say “relationship goals” How can one simple picture portray everything we think we want. That shouldn’t be the case. Those pictures never tell the whole story. Yes the pictures are beautiful but we should strive for our own perfect pictures. Sometimes  it’s those same pictures we see months later with the caption “this couple split it up”, and just like that all our dreams are shattered.

 A relationship should be whatever you make it. Stop listening to what other people did and stop admiring all these social media lovers. I can go on for days about some things I have heard to have the perfect ever lasting relationship but here’s a few things:

Don’t cook to soon for a man (someone actually told this)

No sex on the first date (still debatable)

Never order a burger on the first date (excuse me) 

Like wait how does all that guarantee me life long happiness lol. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what works for some will not work for most.

Make your own rules when it comes to you and yours. If date night every Friday is your thing then go for it. If on Sundays you guys enjoy watching movies all day live it up. If he or she sends you a gift to your job every weds then good for you. Posting your him every Monday is how you show your affection that is great too. If you do not do any of these things and your happy perfect.

Being in a relationship is not a competition!!

When it comes down to it the relationship goal should just be happiness. Be with someone you can trust and they make you laugh. Stop worrying that yours may not look like the girl that post her boyfriend every other day. What you have is for you and the person you are with. Make up your own way of loving each other and enjoy it.


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  1. People get caught up in what they see other folk doing and it’s all fake. I’ve been married 4 years and what works for us will not work for other families. I’m very traditional and believe in roles but most women don’t agree with that and I’m ok with that.

  2. I agree, everyone is different and what works for some might not work for others. I always remind myself to go at my own pace and when I find someone special we’ll do what’s best for us!

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