Happy Fathers day: A letter to my angel

Dear Daddy,

I just want to start with how much I miss you. Every day I want to pick up the phone to share the craziness of my day and just to hear you laugh. I’ll never be able to get over the feeling of you not being here. Its been six years since you became my angel and I’m doing my best to make you proud.

This year for Fathers Day I decided to write you this letter. I know you are watching down on me and I remember how much you hated store bought gifts. Here’s something you can always look back on as a reminder of how much I love you.

Daddy I want to apologize for all the times I didn’t answer your phone calls. I know you was just calling to check on your baby girl. The things I would do just to have my phone ring and it be YOU. I remember the last phone call we ever had, Of course we was planning on going to eat. You was the only person that understood my love for food. Our bond was like no other and that bond can never be replaced. Its true what they say A Dad is a Girls first love.

The memory of how amazing you were will never fade. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be blessed with a Dad like you. We experienced so many great things together. One memory that stands out at this moment is when we was in Yosemite and you made me walk up a mountain. I was mad at you and absolutely did not feel like walking. Daddy you didn’t let me give up and the end results was amazing. The waterfall was so pretty. My younger self never appreciated why you always pushed but my older self now understands why.

Yosemete National Park

It took me a while to be ok with the idea of Fathers day since you left, I didn’t think I had anything to celebrate. I soon realized even with you gone I still had you and all our memories. Daddy I will forever Love you and I think of you everyday. I ask you to please continue to watch over me and I will continue to make you proud.

Happy Fathers day to all the great Fathers out there Especially mine watching from !high in the sky!!


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  1. That’s is one of the MOST beautiful writing/thoughts/inspirational letters to a DAD. YOUR DAD,my dad. All dads.

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