Everyone deserves ME time w/ Mindful essentials

Summer time is here and of course it feels like its almost over. Its like we had one week of summer and now cooler nights are already upon us. This summer I been quite busy with all types of events. Any where from weddings, cookouts and block parties. I been non stop, but I still managed to get in some ME time with Mindful Essentials.

I have a friend name Kathiana who started this great line of products called Mindful Essentials. Read more about her story here. As woman we sometimes over look the important ish on the back of bottles and only see that it may smell good. The chemicals in most lotions, face creams and body washes can be dangerous to our health.

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I may not always be able to do my whole self love Sundays, but I still find time to show my skin some love every chance I can. The Mindful Essential product line is absolutely amazing. Let me share with y’all how easy it is for some ME time.

First things first taking care of my summer glow is a must. Everyone knows I love a great facial routine and now I have one I can just add to my morning routine. Its the facial mask scrub duo. One word that describes this product FANTASTIC. My face gets really dry even in the summer and this helps keeps my softness intact. It removes all the dead skins and cleanses my pores and I just love it. Also since my mornings are so hectic I can put my mask on and do a few other things without the tightness that other mask my bring then wash it off.  Along with a great cleanser right behind follows an even great moisturizer. When I say a little goes a long way I mean it. The checks and Balance moisturizes my face to perfection.

Now ladies yes the face important, but so is the rest of the body. Mindful essentials has it all. The amazing pomegranate body polish is to die for. I was truly shocked by the transformation it did for my skin. My skin doesn’t take well to many things but it loved this scrub. Its infused with Shea butter and organic olive oil along with antioxidants from pomegranate.

Talking about this product doesn’t do it any justice. I believe everyone with dry skin should experience the joy of this scrub. Just like hair you want to lock in the moisture so I will use the head to toe oil. Usually oils don’t really do well with my skin type so I tend to leave them to the side. However there is something magical about this oil. It doesn’t leave me feeling dry it actually give me that “oh ahhh” feel. AND I LOVE IT

This is my first product review and its my honest opinion. I believe everyone deserves to truth before making any purchase and I promise you buying some mindful essentials will not disappoint. They have other products that I didn’t mention but these are the ones I received and Love. EVERYONE DESERVES ME TIME!

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  1. Okay, you’ve totally inspired me to try some of that head to toe oil! Any ideas on how this line would fare for someone with oily skin?

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