Summer Time Rewind 2018

I just want to start by saying this summer was definitely better than the last. Last year I was consumed with just working and didn’t really make time for other things. I promised myself that wasn’t going to be me this year. Yes I did still have my hermit crab moments when I rather had stayed home, But this year I was all about having fun. I tried so many things that made for some great memories.

First lets reflect on how old I am getting because I’m at the stage in life when my high school friends are getting married. My high school reunion was last year and that was blah but this year got me feeling old.  I must say it is such a blessing seeing how all your friends evolve into their greater selves and are start families. Wedding season was in full effect and it kept me busy. Weddings are absolutely beautiful and everyone that has got married this year I wish you a lifetime full of everlasting love.

Weddings wasn’t the only thing that kept me busy. I did attended some local events. One thing in particular that was so much fun was trap and paint. It’s such a dope spin-off to wine and paint. Its amazing what you come across on Facebook without even trying. Imagine my surprise when I found out the lady who puts it together is from Providence. Events like this usually don’t happen in little Rhody so that definitely took me by surprise. I love the concept and I loved that it was something different to try. Low key I love art and trap music (on occasion) so this was the perfect event to try. If you ever in the providence area check out her Facebook to see if she has anything going on Gem Barros.

What is summer without some musical influence. Going to concerts are  always on and popping. Before you ask NOOOOO!!! I didn’t go to the OTRII tour. Yes, I cried writing that last statement because everyone knows Beyonce is my cousin. Bey I love you but sorry my pockets weren’t having it LOL. However I did see Keith Sweat (yes I Love him) and Chris Brown! Two amazing performers generations apart but made for two great experiences.  Cant forget Kevin Hart!! I know it’s not musically related but since I’m talking about shows he fits right in. Everyone knows how funny Kevin Hart can be, so you already know I left with some abs from laughing so hard.

Summer is never complete without some time by the water. I live in a state where the choices are pretty much unlimited. So if you want to sit by the water you really have no excuse. Being by the water so much I pretty much became a fisherman and learned to canoe. Yes ya girl does it all, I should start a Nikki’s Adventures section. Water brings out the best in anyone and if it doesn’t then something is definitely wrong.

Y’all ready for the shocker of the season. I had a freaking goat on my back. Yup you read that right a GOAT. I convinced my friend Lita to be crazy with me and do goat yoga. Drove two hours for goats to harass us during yoga. As crazy as it sounds it was the best the thing ever. I really suggest giving a shot especially if you an animal lover like me.


Adventures and summer aren’t complete if it’s not spent with family and friends. Making memories, Tons of laughter and no regrets. I’m glad I said yes to more things this year, because life is honestly flying by. (I’m almost 30) I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer as much as I did. Lets making the rest of the year count.

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  1. Haha, great post! I can definitely relate to the feelings you expressed in the beginning; most of my friends from high school are parents and/or married and I’m just sitting here, still trying to figure out what I’m gonna do with the rest of my life.

    Seems like you had an amazing summer though!

    — ki’ara |

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