Cut Distractions and Get Sh*t Done

When its time to buckle down and focus, why does it feel impossible. Distractions literally taunt everyone. They can come in all shapes, sizes and sounds. Listen I’m here to let you know that it is possible to overcome them. Distractions will not takeover because we wont let them. I hope!

First thing first put that phone down. Yes I said it, put it down. I know I’m not the only one that makes a list of plans and boom a whole hour went by because I was on the phone. It’s like a toss up between Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. The triple  threat combo that consumes too much of our time. If you plan on getting any work done dedicate time and have the phone far away and even on silent. It takes discipline.

Now social media isn’t the only reason your phone should be down. Texting is also a distraction that gets us all. Once your bestie hits you up or that group chat starts popping its pretty much a wrap. Getting lost in the conversation and pushing the work to the side is a NO NO! I handle it one or two ways. Tell them your busy and if they support you they will understand or second option ignore them duh lol. Kidding kind of, but if your phone is on silent its not really ignoring them on purpose. Right?

Here’s another kicker watching t.v . I love watching t.v. I know for me this is a bigger distraction than my phone. Sunday night Power or a bomb a$$ Lifetime movie I literally drop everything. Its a horrible habit but I’m learning to do better. If you know your favorite tv show is coming on or you want to watch a movie at a certain time plan accordingly. Give yourself adequate time to get whatever needs to get done DONE. Besides with the way tv set up now you can watch any show pretty much at any time so don’t sweat it.

This next one might not be as much of a distraction for some like it is for me. Its my bed!!! Listen I have a bad habit of getting to comfy with all my work and then I’m laying down. If you can work and be in bed please teach me because I need all the help I can get. Ideally I know that shouldn’t be the workplace of choice but face it everyone has done it.

OK so this one most people won’t want to hear. Friends could be one of the biggest distractions we have. Some friends wont get your passion and the reasons you say no. However you know what goals you are trying to accomplish so turning down that Friday night outing is necessary. Not saying every night out you must decline, but not every outing you need to attend. Trust me there will be plenty of turn up nights. Goals don’t wait forever so don’t let them.

Lets reach these goals no matter what it takes. The only people we are affecting is ourselves if we let distractions get in the way. I want everyone to win.

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  1. Girl, I am the same way with working in the bed. I found it easier to sit all the way up against the headboard which helps me be more productive. But, I feel you on the distraction factor especially with my phone my phone is my poison. Ive been trying a new thing where I leave it on my nightstand and go to office to get some work done. But, sometimes I have check periodically to make sure my daughter school didn’t call or anything like that. Great article.

  2. Omgggggggg. I am so easily distracted it does not make any sense. I been trying to get better since I just started blogging when it comes to social media distractions. I found that if you gonna do social media, make sure you are following and commenting on things that will help push you back to the “thing” you are suppose to be focusing on. That way you don’t get caught up scrolling on unrelated, distracting things.

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