Looking on The Positive side of Social media

Who’s ready for Day 2 of Blogtober? This post isn’t Fall related but I warned y’all LOL

I feel for once someone needs to say some thing nice about Social media. The world is always so focus on the negative. When in reality the good out ways the bad at least in my opinion. Yes some of us (including myself) are consumed with it, but that’s our own fault.

Let me break down why social media isn’t such a bad thing. So first off people are using certain platforms for business purposes. Look at all the small boutiques or freelance makeup artist putting there stuff out there and receiving positive feedback. Entrepreneurs are thriving for the simple fact they are able to reach millions of potential customers everyday.  The old days we had commercials and what Ads in the newspaper. Lets be happy we moved on from that.

Its a place to be social, well duh. I have made some great friends that I would of never have met if its wasn’t for Instagram. Not in a freaky catfish way either (we face time) Lol.  In some ways you can have a genuine connection with people no matter what the circumstance. So shout out to my distant lover you the real mvp. Also with being social you can count it as networking. Building business relationship are major key. So slide in those Dms but don’t be creepy.

Lastly Im going to speak on all these dope movements. Its amazing how millions of people that don’t know each other, can come together to support a cause. There is so much hate in the world but like I said the good out ways the bad. Peoples voices are being a heard and that wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for these platforms. I’m not always vocal on world events but I support things that will lead to positive change. Social media is helping with change and I’m all here for it.

See its not all bad lets embrace it and stop focusing on the negative!



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