Year Twenty Fine: Leveling Up

It’s my favorite time of year. MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Every year when my birthday comes around my first thoughts are what am I going to do to celebrate. What friends will come and how many drinks will I consume. This year my mind is set on something kind of different.

Year Twenty Eight…..

In my twenty eight years of life I never really had a career goal. I would drift to suggestions of what other people thought I was good at or I would see something and say “I can do that”.  When I was a little girl I never dreamed of growing to be a princess, doctor or even a teacher. All I knew was no matter what my dad wanted me to go to college. That was the only goal I set for my self and It wasn’t even for me.

College was a NO….

College wasn’t for me, at first I was ashamed and embarrassed because without college they say you won’t really be successful in life. I tried to taking the easy route and attended a technical school for medical assistant. Going to classes with my best friend was fun but, quickly became irrelevant when it was annoying to find a job. (trying to find a job without experience is soul crushing when you need a job to get experience).

NO degree for me…..

Today I am not a college graduate, not working as a medical assistant and to some I may seem like a failure. Well, oh well everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Along my journey I had some fun jobs and made some great friends, I regret nothing. I’m at a point in life where I truly believe you can do anything you put your mind too. Cliche yes, but true.

Year twenty Fine…..

So year twenty fine I will be leveling up. I will be starting my own Hair Collection. I came to realize that hair has always been my passion. Why not invest in myself right? I am nervous and excited and ready to share my passion with everyone. This is something I never imagined doing but anything is truly possible. My birthday gift to myself I will like to introduce The Champagne Hair Collection.

The Future…

Looking forward to this new chapter and new business venture. I will still continue to blog because Let Nikki Tell It is my first adventure of becoming a better me.



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